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Bradshow John, In defence of dogs

Coppinger Lorna, Coppinger Raymond, Dogs. A new understanding of canine origin, behavior, and evolution.

Csányi Vilmos, A kutyák szőrös gyerekek

Derr Mark, How the dog became the dog

Donaldson Jean, Mine! & Culture clash

Freiling Karin Petra, Entspannungstraining für Hunde

Horowitz Alexandra, Inside of a dog: What dogs see, smell and know

Käufer Mechtild, Spielverhalten bei Hunden

Lindsey Steven R., Handbook of applied dog behavior and training Vol. 1

McConnel Patricia: The other end of the leash & For the love of a dog & The education of Will & Play together, stay together: Happy and healthy play between people and dogs (with Karen. B. London)

Meiburg Sonja, Anti-Giftköder Training

Miklosi Adam, The dog. A Natural History.

Oblasser-Mirtl Anna, Glatz Barbara, Medical training für Hunde

O’Heare James, Neuropsychologie des Hundes

Pryor Karen, Reaching the Animal Mind & Don’t shoot the dog!

Rugaas Turid, Calming Signals

Scheuer-Dinger Ines, Abgeleint! Entspannt ohne Leine unterwegs

Shade Victoria, Bonding with your dog

Theby Viviane, del Amo Cecilia (ed.), Handbuch für Hundetrainer



Ackerman Jennifer: The Genius of Birds

Balcombe Jonatha, What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins

Biven Lucy, Panksepp Jaak, The Archeology of Mind

Grandin Temple Animals in translation & Animals make us human

Montgomery Sy, The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness

Pierce Jessica, Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets

de Waal Frans, Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are?